Wazaif of Surah Yaseen

Wazaif are certain prayers or recitations that we do to achieve any specific wish or advantage. The Wazaif of Surah Yaseen is different and can be adjusted to different requirements.


Wazaif For Satisfaction of Requirements


Recite Surah Yaseen after Fajr (morning supplication), determined to look for the satisfaction of a particular need or the fulfillment of any specific valid wish.

Dua (Petition)

After reciting the surah, sincerely request Allah to satisfy your needs.

For defense from opponents ( Enemies)

Day-to-day Recitation

Recite Surah Yaseen daily, specifically after Fajr or Isha (night petition), to look for security from enemies and hurtful individuals.

Verse Concentration

Recite especially verse 9 (“And We have put before them a hindrance and behind them a boundary and covered them, so they don’t see”) to pray for protection from evils.

For Healing and Well-being

Water Treatment

Recite Surah Yaseen over water and drink it, or give it to somebody who is sick. This therapy results in fast recovery.

Particular Verse 

Recite verse Section 58 (“Peace, A word from gracious Lord.”) Practice this verse for your mental peace and fast recovery. 

For Financial success

Consistent Recitation

Recite Surah Yaseen regularly, particularly on Fridays, to look for financial strength and wealth.

Good deeds and Charity

Recite Surah Yaseen regularly and add charity and small good deeds, as it improves the spiritual advantages and draws in divine favors.

For marriage and connections

Marriage Goals

Recite Surah Yaseen regularly with the belief to look for a religious partner and improve your marital relations. This Surah is the solution to all the problems if you recite it daily and with belief. 

Read Surah Yaseen Ayat no. 36, 313 times with 3 times darood e pak for marriage.

Family Unity

Recite the Surah Yaseen all together to bring peace and unity among the family.

For fulfillment of every wish

For the completion of every wish first, pray two Nafl and then read Surah Yaseen 3 times at any time of the Day. 

Do this process with pure intention and with concentration. This brings a positive change into your life and fulfills your every right (legal) wish.

Tips for powerful recitation

To increase the advantages of Surah Yaseen, follow and work on some tips:

Genuineness and Focus

Recite Surah Yaseen with pure intention good heart and fully focused.


Practice it all the time, and make a habit of reciting Surah Yaseen consistently, regardless of whether it’s only two to three times a week.


Recite the Surah with concentration and try to understand its meaning and the message that this surah wants to deliver. Focus on its lessons and how they apply to your life.


While reciting Surah Yaseen you should be in a condition of spiritual and physical purity.

Supplement with other Prayers

Supplement your recitation with different types of love and worship, like extra prayers (Nafl), fasting, and good deeds.

Wrapping it up

Surah Yaseen holds a particular and special spot in the hearts of Muslims. This surah offers numerous benefits and solutions for common issues through its Wazaif of Surah Yaseen.

Whether looking for safety, recovery, financial success, or satisfaction with individual requirements, integrating the recitation of Surah Yaseen into your everyday schedule can bring peace and blessings into your life. 

Keep in mind, that the way to open up these advantages lies in regular recitation with pure intentions, understanding, and consistency.


This surah is the heart of the Quran because it is a reminder from Allah that there is a reward for those who accept the true message and lessons for those who rejected it in the past.

It is the heart of the Quran which means “ Deepness and Core “.

  • Recite Surah Yaseen Every Day After Fajr.
  • Memorize At Least 10 Ayahs of the Surah Daily.
  • Understand the Meaning of the Ayahs to Build Relationships.
  • Group the Surah into Small Divisions.

Surah Yaseen is the 36th surah of the Holy Quran, has 83 verses 807 words, and 5 Ruku.

It requires only 10 to 15 minutes to read this Surah but it varies from person to person. 

Reciting Surah Yaseen after Fajr gives a lot of benefits Surah Yaseen, including forgiveness of sins, ease in death, fulfillment of needs, and acceptance of supplications.

7 Aayaths in Surah Yaseen contain the word Mubeen, which means has been made clear Two of these instances involve the word DHlalalin or Dhlalaalin Mubeen which means error that has been made clear.